Inventive Approach to Photographing Usual Lunch Staples in Photo Series ‘Office Lunching Habits’

office lunching habits

The mention of packed lunch for the office never conjures-up anything remotely scrumptious. As far as the gastronomic goes, these prepared meals are often synonymous with bland, dry, cold, tasteless and just generally very unappetizing fare. Well, not if Stephanie Gonot has anything to do with it anyway. The Los Angeles based photographer and curator created a brightly colored series of photos, exhibiting usual lunch staples such as some cold cuts, Tupperware containers filled with different varieties of pasta, and of course the ubiquitous Chinese take-out. All these different food was arranged by Gonot alongside some usual office supplies to make some offbeat images.

office lunching habits chinese

In these photographs, Gonot shows us something new about lunch food, used more as elements to compose interesting office themed shots. Her concept seems based more on creating an interesting aesthetic, rather than shooting food as delectable, edible items.

The series were produced as a project for NEON magazine, which is a UK based publication. Neon appears online and is in print every quarter. It regularly features writers and occasionally photographers from anywhere in the world and everything it publishes is available for free online.

office lunching habits onions carrots chocolate

The series of office lunch images presents an inventive approach to the rather boring food people bring to work every day. Called Office Lunching Habits, hopefully the series will make you see packed lunch differently the next time you come across one.

office lunching habits baguette

Gonot is no stranger to food related themes. She has created other ingenious food-related photo topics, including her wacky imitations of fad diets like the 7-Day Color Diet and The Hollywood Grapefruit diet. Gonot has a natural flair for transcending everyday mundane foods into something artful.

office lunching habits tupperware

See her new ideas called Office Lunching Habits here.

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