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man standing with arms outstretched
Alive by Jonathan Tucker

National Geographic recently mounted a new program dubbed Your Shot. The project is a call to all photographers everywhere to link-up with National Geographic photographers and editors over virtual assignments. Focused around a particular theme, each assignment challenges photographers to share their finest work. In exchange, the folks over at National Geographic offer their expert opinion and advice on refining their craft.

underwater diver
Weightless by Dimitris Maroulakis

They also go out of their way to point out to everyone the elements of an outstanding shot. What makes a particular photo good, but what makes one outstanding. Now if they really adore your shot, your photo could even see print in National Geographic Magazine! Here’s how they enjoin the public.

ice caves
The Ice Caves by Andrew Inaba

“Show Us Your Best Shots. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, share your best photos with us.

Get Helpful Feedback. National Geographic photo editors are active in the community and offer expert photography tips

Give Your Photos Exposure. Selected photographs will appear on our website and in our magazines!”

Cloud of Tadpoles by Eiko Jones
Cloud of Tadpoles by Eiko Jones

The present assignment put out for all interested is themed Explore Our Changing World. In excess of 10,000 photographers have already forwarded their photos that capture the theme of change, whether it be in urban areas, in nature or even an internal change within themselves. Here is the shout-out Nat Geo has on their website.

camping tents
Camp inside Hang Son Doong by Ryan Deboodt

“In celebration of our 125th anniversary, we invite you to join this assignment. We live in a fast-paced world that is getting faster all the time. Things happen that the human eye cannot even register. That’s when the power of photography really shines. It captures what other tools cannot. Now more than ever, that power is vital to documenting the world we live in. And that world is changing faster every day. Photography enables us to capture that change, document it for others to see, and explore what that means for ourselves and our communities.

Please take a moment to read the Official Rules for this assignment and watch the video for more information from the assignment editors.”

lightning grand canyon
Night of Lightning at Grand Canyon by Rolf Maeder

For more particulars head on over here to find out more.

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