Landscape Photographer Captures Moody Atmospheres

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Finland-based photographer Mika Suutari captures moving images, often with an undercurrent that is brooding and enigmatic. Suutari also has a penchant to depict the majestic, at times peaceful, sometimes tumultuous. Distant outlines of a human figure put into perspective the majesty of these mystic landscapes. She is, after all a landscape photographer, first and foremost.

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“I am an nature photographer from Southern Finland.” She declares in her artist statement. “I like pictures with a powerful atmosphere and I intent to have that in my photography. I hope my pictures convey the feeling I get when I capture those moments.”

landscape photography

Suutari’s works are imbued with images that have an atmosphere that is dark and mysterious, but still serenely beautiful at the same time. She portrays an imposing nature, ambivalent and unpredictable in mood, where far away silhouettes of men illustrate some kind of great journey that is being undertaken.

landscape photo mika suutari

On the internet there is no doubt a plethora of impressive archives on landscape photography. These projects range from a variety of portfolios, and Mika Suutari’s body of work will stand up with the best of them.

landscape photographer mika suutari

Suutari’s sharp eye for detail and lighting not only comes through in her imposing landscape images but in her close-up work of plants and wildlife as well. Her style also lends itself to a more minimalist nature when it comes to color, often settling for one or two dominant hues in the majority of her work.

landscape photographer mika suutari

Light and contrast are her main tools when creating an image. Misty images of dawn or perhaps dusk also stand out in her portfolio’s beautiful collections. Her growing repertoire ranges from landscapes, wildlife and plants to more intentionally ambiguous themes where a solitary figure is often walking away on a proverbial path to the unknown. It is truly provocative work that should be viewed.

Visit her website here.

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