Landscapes and Cityscapes in a 360-Degree View That Stretch the Usual Norms of Perspective

photo series randy scott

Randy Scott Slavin‘s photography portrays landscapes as well as cityscapes in a 360 degree view, a perspective more akin to the human eye than a two dimensional photograph. Called Alternate Perspectives, it is a collection of photographs wherein particular locations or landmarks are shot several times and are stitched together, creating a 360 degree view.

photo series randy scott

The results stretch the usual norms of perspective, but they do reflect how much we can actually visually see. Slavin reprises this work with more photographs of American destinations and landscapes, creating the Alternative Perspectives 2 series.

Alternate Perspectives

Just like in the first collection, Slavin manipulated photographs he took across America into 360-degree vistas. He accomplished this by digitally mapping the images as stereographic projections to produce his Alternative Perspectives 2 collection. It contains pictures of New York City like the newly erected buildings at the former World Trade Center site,  the huge LED billboards of Times Square, as well as the many bridges across the East River.

randy scott perspective

Alternative Perspectives 2 also showcases many landscape-orientated visuals, more than the first and the majority of perspectives have you looking at both the skies and water. It is replete with visuals of wooded areas, deserts, beaches and cityscapes that were shot in locations that included Long Island, Miami and Los Angeles.

randy scott Alternate Perspectives Series 2

After doing many of these 360 degree composites, Slavin says the outcomes are still pretty much unpredictable. He only know that he has a usable set of pictures of a given location once he puts them together digitally in post production.

Alternate Perspectives Series 2 randy scott

“While shooting series one I came to realise that I could never know how and what would make a great Alternate Perspectives image until afterwards,” he explained. “Sometimes I would be shooting a landscape that seems mundane and then in post production I found it to be amazing!” he also added that getting these shots is not a walk in the park, as he has endured bad weather and all sorts of outdoor difficulty and inconveniences. “Ants, mosquitoes, jellyfish, sunburn, rain (lots of rain), freezing winds, treacherous icy hikes are just some of the few joys I experienced while shooting Alternate Perspectives 2,” he said.

See the results of his efforts in Alternative Perspectives 2 here.

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