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Do you own a DSLR but still take average, boring photos?

“Now You Can Master Any DSLR Camera And
Take Gorgeous, Attention-Grabbing Photos By
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Beautiful Ocean Sunrise
Above is an example of my recent personal work

After helping beginners for 5 years, I see exactly what’s stopping you from taking photos that really impress your friends and family… and will sell online, at shows, and even galleries.

So if you’re struggling to get the most out of your camera and finally be recognized for your own amazing photographs, then what I’m about to share will make you extremely happy…

How To Quickly Learn Everything You Need To Create Amazing Photographs



Pet Cat in Shadows

Your shots CAN look like these! Here’s how…

Let’s be real: after getting a DSLR you found it takes more than reading the manual to get professional results from it.

Then your hunt for more information and answers began.

But there’s a TON of information about photography, and it’s so unorganized!

I learned by doing meticulous research, putting it all together on my own. After spending years of applying what I discovered, I began sharing with friends online.

Nobody prepared me for the flood of questions about landscapes, portraits, sports, studio photography… and my weird ability to just grab a camera and start taking great photos without any effort whatsoever.

Now I’ve got the answers you’re looking for, and they’re here on this website.

Just Imagine Being Able To…

  • Choose the right DSLR on a budget and still get all the desired features


  • Properly hold a DSLR and stop looking like a complete idiot out in the field


  • Stop taking boring photos that nobody cares about and start taking creative, memorable photos worth sharing and selling

Golden Field Solitude

  • GET CRISP, CLEAR SHOTS when photographing anything, including people, objects, skies and landscapes


Ocean Sunset

Rainbow HDR Panorama

  • Avoid the 6 common beginner mistakes of COMPOSITION and easily create brilliant images instead
  • Finally grasp a complete understanding of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO for total control over MOTION and DEPTH OF FIELD


  • Learn the “secret” time of day when most professional photos are shot


  • Understand Exposure and Metering so pictures won’t be too bright or too dark, but “just right”

Girl standing next to brick wall smiling

  • Properly select camera WHITE-BALANCE and stop worrying about photos coming out too orange or having incorrect, ugly colors


  • Select the BEST LENSES to create appropriate, proportional, non-distorted, aesthetically pleasing images… no matter the situation
  • Take JAW-DROPPING panoramic shots


  • Use FOCUS correctly and know what focus points to avoid in a scene
  • Choose the BEST EQUIPMENT, including flash, filters, camera bag, tripod, tripod head, batteries, battery recharger, strap, camera mount, and memory cards
  • Use external FLASH to control motion, remove red-eye, add drama, and give your images an edgy, high-class, professional look…
  • Use FILTERS to control light coming through the lens, remove glare, and even make the colors in a scene appear more saturated
  • Get NATURAL HDR shots that don’t look fake or “over-done”

Beautiful Morning Landscape with Fog

  • Correctly decide when to use a TRIPOD – and know when it’s dumb to use one
  • Capture sharp, correctly exposed photos in LOW-LIGHT SITUATIONS… with no motion blur or noise


  • Take stunning photographs at NIGHT with or without using a flash or tripod


  • Choose effective LIGHT MODIFIERS, including umbrellas, soft boxes, beauty dishes and grids to establish the mood of the image (do you want the light to be dark, dramatic and shadowy? Soft and pleasing? Bright and happy? Do you want soft pools of background light? When would you want light to create texture across surfaces, and when wouldn’t you?)

Listless girl sitting

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By this time tomorrow you’ll be a better photographer!


Attila Kun

Attila Kun

Attila is the founder and editor-in-chief of Exposure Guide. He is an avid photographer, graphic designer, bedroom DJ and devoted Mac addict. Attila got his first DSLR camera, a Canon 10D, back in 2003 and he has been hooked on photography ever since.