Lenticular Photo Contains Hidden Phone Number for Abused Children

lenticular poster by ANAR

The fight to save, rescue and protect abused children can be quite delicate and at times may require some amount of inventiveness. To mount a campaign against this problem would mean also addressing the fear that overcomes every abused child, and the retribution they would suffer should they be found to be seeking external intervention. The ANAR (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation), very much aware of this, resorted to using advocacy posters mounted in public places using lenticular lenses on their prints. Lenticular lenses are an array of magnifying glasses configured in a way that you will see different images as you shift angles.

ANAR anti abuse poster for abused children

Common types of these are lenticular prints, where you sometimes perceive depth in an image or if there seems to be movement when you shift viewing angles. Motion and 3D are common effects generated by this process.

For the ANAR foundation, lenticular printing would allow them two differing contents, but on one same poster.  A message meant to be viewed from the height perspective of an adult, and another message that can only be seen by a child whose height perspective towards the same image would be looking upward.

anti-abuse poster ANAR

The Spanish organization helps abused kids, and they can be contacted through phone number 116 111, where battered minors can get help and consultation. The lenticular print allows this number to be communicated exclusively to children only. This was how the ANAR ingeniously concealed the hotline help number that any child can call for help or assistance.

To achieve the proper angles, they estimated the average height of 10 year old children and adjusted the lenticular print to favor that vantage point. It is an innovative way of reaching out to kids helplessly trapped in situations of parental or adult abuse.

ANAR poster

Child abuse is largely becoming a worldwide epidemic. In the U.S. alone, 3.3 million reports of child abuse are reported yearly and could involve up to 6 million children, as some reports include multiple kids, according to Childhelp. The organization also says that 5 children are lost everyday due to abuse related deaths.

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