LightBox Photography Cards Ingeniously Offers a Deck Filled with Photo Ideas


Lens man Paul Michael Kane has come up with a smart new product that is meant to motivate and push photographers along the creativity envelope. The product is dubbed LightBox Photography Cards, which is a deck of 52 cards that can facilitate shuffling things up in one’s photography work and in Kane’s words” get you out shooting in new and exciting ways.“

Kane claims that the product is designed for “beginners all the way to advanced users.” Every card in the deck comes with a quote from a distinguished photographer from the past to the present time, which includes the pioneers of photography all the way up to celebrated lens men of the present.

lightbox cards

Flick the cards around, and one will see ideas that can offer inspiration for enhanced creativity. Each card puts forward a different photography challenge. One card for instance suggests to you to photograph “machinery,” while another card will tell you to photograph something that alludes to “solitude.”

The descriptions will guide you with what you should look for as you get into each themed assignment. For arbitrary tasks or themes, one can just shuffle the deck and pick a card at random, or you could be more structured and just tackle the deck in order. The cards have icons that provide recommendations as to the equipment one should use for that task ranging from specifics like tripods, a flash unit, or even filters.

lightbox photo cards

Under the instructions and tips are example photographs for that theme as well as the photo’s EXIF data. The product also comes with bonus cards wherein one is a 3-in-1 gray card for color fine-tuning your images, and the other is a photo cheat sheet with tidbits of useful information.

Kane used Kickstarter to get this project off the ground. The fundraising recently ended raising close to $36,000 from nearly 2,000 photographers. Shipping starts in May 2015, so interested parties should keep an eye on the Facebook and Google+ pages if interested. The Kickstarter campaign valued the cards at $9 inclusive of free shipping. One can read more about it here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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