Lightroom for iPad, the Future of Mobile Editing?

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Adobe just extended Lightroom’s applications with the launch of an iPad app. Called Lightroom Mobile, it brings a lean set of image editing tools to Apple’s tablets. Lightroom mobile also automatically syncs image adjustments of your desktop computer and iPad. It is free, but to realize its full potential you will need a subscription to an Adobe Creative Cloud option. The app allows you to do the same Basic Panel fine-tuning of the Lightroom desktop version.

Features such as exposure, contrast, white balance, highlight, and shadow control are all accessible through a slider interface. Images can be rotated and cropped, and you can choose from pre-defined aspect ratios. A total of 47 filters and effects presets are on tap, which range from film grain simulation to BW toning,  to vignetting and sharpening.  Edits are non-destructive, with adjustments saved automatically as you progress.

Lightroom mobile’s interface is clean and simple and the home screen shows all of your available image collections.  Resetting any individual editing parameter back to its default is simply done with a double-tap. A global reset button also allows you to revert to an image’s original settings.

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What really drives Lightroom mobile is Adobe’s cloud storage service. Using a desktop version of Lightroom, you select a compilation of images to sync to the cloud, making them accessible to the mobile app.  Adobe then generates a smart preview for each image instead of loading high resolution pictures on your tablet. This method uses only a small portion of the space of the original; however it is detailed enough for extensive image editing on your tablet. Adjustments you make in the app sync back to the cloud and are automatically applied to the full resolution raw file, jpeg or tiff.

Lightroom mobile is now available from the App Store and is compatible with the iPad mini and iPad Air, as well as the iPad 2 and later models. It is offered to subscribers of the Creative Cloud complete plan for individuals or teams, the Photoshop Photography Program, as well as the student and teacher edition. If you do not have a Creative Cloud subscription, you can test drive Lightroom mobile with a 30-day free trial.

Read more about Lightroom Mobile here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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