Long Exposure Images Create a Melancholic Mood in Photo Series ‘Empty Space’

long exposure

Photographer Vassilis Tangoulis came-up with a set of dramatic monochromatic images called Empty Space. The collection is a compilation of long-exposure images devoid of any people in them, featuring abandoned houses in extremely desolate looking places. The Greek photographer uses photography as an emotional and expressive outlet. He favors capturing moments that look extraordinary, and does so using long exposures as well as infra-red photography.

Vassilis Tangoulis

Tangoulis is a physicist and is a regular lecturer at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. As a photographer, he dabbles in Atomic Force Microscopy to photograph molecules. Tangoulis has received international awards for his Black and White, long exposure work. Born in Karpenisi, a small Greek town surrounded by mountains, he sees himself as being fortunate to grow up as a “village” boy.

His exposure to sceneries while growing up in rural settings influenced his perspective and perhaps subconsciously formed certain imagery such as sunsets, snow filled landscapes, and many other images vital to a landscape photographer.

long exposures Vassilis Tangoulis

Tangoulis shoots with a Canon EOS 7D, Canon 17-40mm/USM, ND grads 0.9 soft or hard and CPL filters. He works frequently on Bulb mode and often uses exposure times of 5-6 minutes. He is an avid fan of neutral density filters which allow him to capture a novel surrealistic world.

Vassilis Tangoulis water

This effect would embody the world Tangoulis sees in his dreams, finally making it possible to capture in camera. The discovery changed everything in his shooting style, giving way to unlimited creativity as well as chance to develop a surrealistic style, such as that evident in Empty Space.

Vassilis Tangoulis water long exposures

Tangoulis recently spoke of the evolution of his unique style,

“I think the most important factor in defining my Fine Art photography is that I spent the last five years finding my personal viewpoint. In other words, finding your inner world with shapes, lines and shadows, with landscapes and lonely figures. After accomplishing this someone has to work on mastering his style to present his vision. Concerning the first factor I am glad that I found it almost from the beginning of my involvement with Fine Art photography..I work every day on mastering my style and although the main aspects of it are well defined in my mind I still think I have to learn a lot …”

long exposures Vassilis Tangoulis

See his desolate images of abandoned homes in Empty Space here.

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