Long Exposure Images of Star Trails and the Singapore Cityscape

justin ng

The notion of aiming a camera at the evening sky and leaving the shutter open for a long duration certainly is not a new one. Each time somebody does this however, the results can be quite unpredictable, but almost always spectacular. Photographer Justin Ng did just that and was able to come up with some stunning star trails.

justin ng

The images got some help from digital enhancement, but that certainly does not detract from Ng’s patience and efforts to come with this amazing set of star trail images. On the enhancements, Ng had this to say: “I see myself as an artist rather than a journalist, so some of my images may not make the purists happy. In order to create high quality night sky images, almost all of the images need to go through Photoshop.”

long exposure justin ng

All of the pictures present in the collection were captured in Ng’s home country of Singapore which is more reputed for its urban landscapes rather than any natural wonders.

“People are generally skeptical on star trails images taken in Singapore because the city is heavily light polluted. Many people don’t believe such incredible star images can be taken here. In my shots, however, you can see the awe-inspiring views I’ve witnessed,” said Ng.

star trails justin ng

He spends in excess of two hours per shot meticulously capturing the trails of thousands of stars across space, and the results speak for themselves. Images of star trails are created by the earth’s rotation which is shown when long exposure settings are aimed into a seemingly stationary celestial point. Ng enhances his images by combining several together to produce the ethereal look that is present in each final photograph. He also has a message for those who view his start trails, one that carries an environmental concern.

“I hope everyone can do their part to stop light pollution so we can preserve our dark sky for future generations.”

singapore justin ng images

See his amazing star trails here.

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