Macro Time-Lapse Photography of Flowers from Seed to Full Bloom

Time-lapse videos usually feature magnificent vistas, or if not, grandiose shots of skies, outer space or some other large panorama. A well produced time lapse video will always be a crowd pleaser and this certainly qualifies as one of them, especially since it is an uncommon macro photography example. Videographer Daniel Csobot devoted four painstaking months working on the time-lapse he assembled of flowers growing from seeds to fully blossoming.

germinating seed plant stem

The video contains several plant and flower varieties as they grow. The precision with which these videos were shot really leaves anyone who remotely understands the process to be just baffled at how Csobot overcame issues like lighting, focusing, and other camera related matters so consistently in spite of the four month-long period.

blooming flower

It is an exemplary video and the details in the macro shots are nothing short of awesome. Recording the germination of a flower is quite a common subject for time-lapse photography, and therefore, can be rather trite. For sure, Csobot has managed to put a macro flower time-lapse video together that sets the bar quite high for this subject.

small blooming flower

 The time-lapse material was captured with a Canon 7D on a Kessler CineSlider.  A  Canon 100mm Macro and a Canon 15-85mm lens were used. Every phase of the growth process is captured amazingly; in fact, plant life almost resembles animal-like birth. Shooting for this video began last February and just ended last month. For Csobot the project was indulging both a “personal interest” and “fascination” with the “macro world.”

flower in bloom flower in full bloom

Both macro and time-lapse photography require experience, skill, special equipment, a good amount of planning and generous amounts of patience. Anyone that wants to produce a macro time-lapse video would be well-advised, to consider these key factors: framing, timing, location, and movement. Obviously, Csobot’s plan was macro detailed too, which explains how he came-up with this superb example of both macro and time-lapse photography.

To see more of Csobot’s work, go over to his website. You can also check out the work of his partner, Novalapse for a few time-lapse tips as well as more high-quality time-lapse examples.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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