Magical Fog Photography Featuring San Francisco

foggy sfo

Images of fog covered terrain and landscapes always conjure up thoughts of the magical and mystical. Such imagery is usually irresistible for a photographer. Terence Chang is once such shutterbug, as he captures parts of San Francisco and Sausalito engulfed by fog.

terence chang foggy

The enchanting appeal of both places is more than evident in Chang’s splendid collection of the two favorite tourist destinations. He is a creative photographer from the city by the bay and loves to shoot nature and long exposures. His main interest however is fog photography, and San Francisco could not be more ideal.

foggy sfo bay area

Chang spoke about his fascination for the cloudy atmosphere, saying,

“Photographing fog transforms it in unpredictable ways. It shows the fog flowing in waves and currents, partially burying hills and towers with new ‘ground.’ After shooting and reframing enough times, some shots turn out particularly evocative. Sometimes they just happen to resonate with how I am feeling that day, or they come out otherworldly or dreamy. During processing, I get a chance to make the image ‘speak’ for me by bringing out the qualities that I like. Being above fog clouds and able to watch them interact with the San Francisco Bay is a rare and beautiful sight. The scene shifts minute by minute, and is never the same twice.”

san francisco bay area foggy

Not surprisingly, Chang is San Francisco-based, and besides being a photographer, is also a software engineer. To capture these postcard-like shots, he used long exposure times of the cityscapes during evenings.

Besides the fog, delightful streaks of light from moving traffic on the ground and in the air are captured by his camera. “The scene shifts minute by minute, and is never the same twice,” says Chang.

san francisco fog long exposure

Visit Chang’s beautiful images of SFO and check out his other works here.

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