Magical Photos of People Playing with the Moon in a Myriad of Ways

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French photographer Laurent Laveder has an enchanting series where he interacts with the moon. Entitled Moon Games, the collection features creative images with the moon artfully incorporated as various objects other than its actual lunar self. He has the moon hanging low over a hill, mimicking a glowing sphere, simulating a balloon, and even pretending to be a framed art piece.

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Using either full, half or crescent moons, laveder positions his subject to intermingle with the fleeting, fluid scene in the sky, positioning the subject so that an interaction between the natural evening vista and the earthbound happens. Other examples includes a photo in which floor lamp legs perfectly meet the moon to complete a lamp lighting a pastoral setting, while a man seems to be releasing a sphere into the freedom of a tranquil night sky. They are no doubt dream-like compositions that transform our lunar friend into different and surprising objects.

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Laveder’s principal occupations are as a landscape astrophotographer as well as an astronomy journalist. His photographs have appeared on international astronomy magazines and in NASA sites and he is a member of a group composed of international astronomy photographers called The World At Night.

moon games series

As of late, Moon Games has been his main preoccupation and has seen publication as a small book in his native France. While the appeal of the accompanying captions is a bit diluted in the conversion to English, they are nonetheless infectiously lighthearted like a children’s book.

photo series moon games

Laveder has had a life-long fascination with objects in space. As a 15 year old, an age when most boys are discovering the birds and the bees, he was discovering astronomy. He travelled to Mexico for the 1991 solar eclipse, studied craters in Algeria, and even journeyed to the southern skies to view Halley’s Comet.

moon games photo series images

It was there where Laveder tried his hand in astrophotography.  Moon Games has in fact been making the rounds of the Internet for some time, and is a work in progress that Laveder is continually building as he imagines and conjures more lunar related scenarios.

See his work on Moon Games so far here.

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