Magnificent Canada Landscape Cloaked in the Splendor of Winter

canada winter

Photographer Wayne Simpson shot some rather remarkable photos of the Canadian landscape while it was gloriously shrouded in winter. It is first-rate landscape photography, despite the fact that it is one of the most common subjects professional photographers fancy shooting.

icy winter landscape in canada

With winter approaching, shutterbugs from all over have begun their recurrent portfolios of the four seasons. Frosty white surroundings of snow covered outdoor scenery will soon abound once winter sets in.

canada icy winter

In Simpson’s collection, every photo depicts a beautiful area of land, often covered in virginal stretches of white snow, with a matching mountain silhouette in the horizon. The breathtaking photos of the Ontario-based photographer provide a multi-dimension, providing the viewer’s highlights in both the foreground and the background.

icy landscape canada

There is also an upbeat quality in Simpson’s images. One feels a positive aura despite the stark cold environments that are pictured.  Simpson’s visually inspiring compositions and capable ability to capture the rich hues of the outdoor winter is a revitalizing collection.  Prints of his work for those interested can be bought through his website.

landscape in canada

Simpson is a self taught photographer who grew up in Kettle Point & Lindsay, Ontario. He comes from a graphic design background which has helped him a lot in photography as well as his personal marketing. Simpson and his better half, Candice often work together to photograph weddings and portraits. When not photographing people, Simpson shoots landscapes, a second love. He has been living in Calgary, Alberta for 10 years now, but moved recently to Owen Sound, Ontario in the spring of 2013.

winter canada

Talking of his ideas on landscape, he had this to say, “For me, the most important thing is the quality of light, with a strong composition being a close second. Some of the best images are those with great light creating an interesting mood.” Simpson draws a lot of inspiration also from fellow photographers who he names as Darwin Wiggett, Guy Tal, Ian Plant, Samantha Chrysanthou, and Michael Levin.

canadian landscape

See his brilliantly shot winter vistas here.

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