Magnificent Display of Panoramic Images of London

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Julian Calverley of late spent 3 long days not too long ago taking panoramic back plates of London. Every finished image is a composite, made up of three 80 mpxl image files. It comes as no surprise that the resulting images of his efforts reveal a truly spectacular level of intricacy and detail.


For those wanting more of the technical particulars, the panoramic elements were shot with an ALPA 12 STC with ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/40mm and IQ180 MFDB. The STC permits an integrated shift of the camera back, allowing the lens to remain precisely in place, circumventing any distortion.

london panorama bridge

Panoramic photography is a method of photography that typically makes use of specialized equipment or software. Images are captured with elongated fields of view, which is why it is also at times known as wide format photography. The word ‘panoramic’ has also been used to denote a picture that is edited to a more than normal wide aspect ratio.

panorama london

Although there is no strict delineation between “wide-angle” and “panoramic” photography, “wide-angle” in general means a kind of lens, however using this lens type does not automatically equate to a panoramic image. Julian Calverley’s shots are classic panoramic images, and quite stunning examples of the skill and art. The shoot however would not have been possible without the help of a certain Bryony Collins and Lauren Jarmey at LPA, who took care of the permits and permissions.

bridge london panorama

More on Calverley is offered in the about section on his behance page, and it reads:

“Julian Calverley has many years experience as a photographer. Coming from a traditional film, print and darkroom background he now shoots high end digital and has over twelve years experience in post production and digital workflow. He is at home both in the studio and on location, shooting people, lifestyle, landscapes, automotive, and underwater for various clients from around the world. He is represented in London by the Lisa Pritchard Agency ( LPA ). His stock work is represented exclusively by Corbis Images. Yet again his work has appeared in Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide.”

long exposure london

panorama london

See Calverley’s marvelous panoramic shots here.

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