Magnificent Examples of Water Drop Photography by Corrie White

dome splash

Water drop photography is an art form. There are so many different ways, techniques and combinations one can explore in creating the most unique and fascinating forms. From water to milk, to oil and paint, there’s no shortage of possibilities to be experimented with. Corrie White is one such photographer with a passion for water drop photography. In her words, “This type of photography lets you experience what is usually invisible to the human eye.”

red drop in middle

water drop splash

purple splash

Anyone with an interest in macro photography has attempted to experiment with water at some point in his or her career. Perhaps its selling point is the fact that no matter how faithfully you try to recreate a photo, no matter how precise your setup is, and no matter how carefully you measure your variables, the end result will always be totally unique.

rainbow crown splash

multi colored splash

crown sequence

Several of Corrie’s intricate water drop photos on her website were actually “done manually with a medicine dropper and a good sense of timing.” However, the more intricate figures were created with the help of Mumford’s Time Machine and the Drip Kit, allowing her to craft even more beautiful and complex water forms. Keep in mind that these are not photo-manipulations, but she does make adjustments in post-production such as color balance, light balance, clean-up and sharpening.

black and white splash

milk liquid drop

Corrie was kind enough to share some behind-the-scenes photos with us:

setup corrie white

water drop setup

corrie white setup

water drop photography setup

She talks more about her forays into water drop photography in her bio,

I have made some discoveries in water drop photography, one of them being the unique three drop splash as in “Tiny Dancer”. Another is multiple exposures in water drops. This is where the drops are falling in the same area but while I am panning the camera, I can get more than one splash in the same frame, such as my “Liquid Flowers”. I pushed the drip kit to the limits by creating a splash with a bubble-type base caused by an extra large drop as in “Suspended”. I have combined soap film and water drops simultaneously as well as the water drop/liquid flow combo as you see in “Coral Sea Dreaming”. One method I started using was to color white milk splashes using colored gels on the flash guns which made some very colorful forms.

spiderman splash

crown splash red blue

red liquid drop

rainbow drip cream

coffee splash

Check out more amazing water drop photographer on Corrie White’s website.

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