Magnificent Photos that Capture the Vivid Colors of the Northern Lights

arild heitmann

Whilst in the midst of winter, and while going through the bitter storms and wet snowy streets, it is easy to overlook that winter can also bring with it profound beauty. The magnificent Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis embodies this, which is shot in lovely green hues by photographer Arild Heitmann.

arild heitmann northern lights

This last winter has been one long journey in the amazing area around Lofoten. People have witnessed intense auroras, snow blizzards, magical sunrises, awful sunsets, glorious sunsets, wonderful light, ugly light, and so many other extremes of nature.

arild heitmann northern lights photo

Thankfully, we have Heitmann’s images of the glorious Northern lights to dazzle us. Heitmann has lived practically his entire life in the arctic regions of Norway, and has a quaint house in a tiny place called Evenskjer, where he lives together with his wife and 3 young boys.

arild heitmann northern lights photos

Heitmann is an avid football fan and he follows the Liverpool team intently. He also loves Pearl Jam, R.E.M and the Norwegian singer/songwriter Susanne Sundfør for music.  He also likes trout fishing, has a daytime job that involves sitting in front of a computer, is secretly in love with Scarlett Johansson, and loves to watch Game of Thrones.

aurora borealis

Quite a complicated and odd character, but his photography work as one can see is spot-on all the way. He says that one of his major influences is fellow photographer Michael Anderson. He also considers winter as an ideal time to photograph, and is currently working on a project that has to do with mountaintops.

Heitmann got his first DSLR back in 2007, and with an inexpensive Nikon D40i, he found his own style in landscape photography. Since he began shooting, he has been published in calendars, magazines, and postcards. Heitmann was featured in Canon’s corporate calendar for 2012 as well as in the book entitled “Northern Lights” published in November 2012, along with other gifted photographers.

See his work of the famed ‘Aurora borealis’ or Northern Lights here.

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