Magnificent Self-Portraits Set Against Grandiose Landscapes

elizabeth gadd

Elizabeth Gadd at 21 years old is quite a talented photographer.  The young lady from Vancouver, Canada is self-taught, and her trademark style is to photograph solitary wanderers in the midst of magnificent panoramas. These images are actually incredible self-portraits shot in remote landscapes, embodying the spirit of young Gadd’s wanderlust.

elizabeth gadd self-portrait

Shot in many locations such as in Iceland, Wales and her native Canada, Gadd identifies breathtaking locations and composes herself into her striking photographs. In one image for instance, Gadd is seen walking away from the abandoned fuselage of a plane as snow-tipped mountains are visible in the distance.

self-portrait elizabeth gadd

In another photo she can be seen walking on a fallen tree trunk that is in a dense part of a forest. In yet another image she stood in the middle of a lake covered in fog, surrounded by mountains.

elizabeth gadd self-portrait photo

She remembers how the latter shot felt, saying,

“I remember it being one of the quietest, calmest experiences of my life. I set up the camera on the shore and then walked knee-deep into the cold water and stood still for several minutes. Every time the water stilled completely, I would move slightly to create ripples around me for the photos. The only other movement around was a small flock of geese quietly floating across the water in the distance. With everything so quiet and still, it felt almost as if that moment was frozen and I was suspended in time.”

elizabeth gadd self-portrait photographer

There is a tranquil quality in common to all her images, even though at times they straddle the point between peace and lonely melancholia. Gadd grew up raised around scenic surroundings with mountains, trees and fields, instilling in her a zest to explore.

elizabeth gadd self-portrait photographer landscape

Eventually, she began taking her camera with her, and occasionally bring her two dogs along too. Gadd further stated that her goal is to “display human interaction with nature in a positive and peaceful way.” This is why most of her works are self-portraits, as she typically finds her ideal tranquil locations when she wanders off by herself.

elizabeth gadd self-portrait photographer landscape image

Visit the young photographer’s website here.

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