Majestic Photos of New Zealand’s Incomparable Scenery

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When you think of New Zealand and its majestic topography, the word epic comes to mind. With its vast expanses of land still seemingly unmolested, the country provides some of the most imposing geographic landscapes on the planet. Any cinema location manager worth his salt knows that if you want immense, expansive images; look no further than New Zealand. The trilogy, Lord of the Rings cemented this fact, putting on film its incomparable scenery.

26-year-old photographer and art director Alexandre Felix recently travelled to the country’s fabled countryside. After honing his skills for around five years, he went to New Zealand in December of 2012 and came back with hundreds of beautiful landscape images.

new zealand landscape photography

Roughing it up with his backpack, Felix went to the core of the country’s natural landscape to shoot New Zealand at its epic best. This took place after an internship at BETC Paris agency, following in the steps of the Maoris. For around a month he crossed fjords, went south through volcanic locations, traversed the rainforest, mountains as well as alpine lakes, always keen to discover the next majestic  scenery from the twin islands.

landscape photography new zealand

As of late Felix he been studying advertising and has developed his artistic style further, allowing him to collaborate with advertising professionals and fellow photographers. The Reflex which he has been tinkering with since 2008 has become a working tool.

new zealand photography landscapes

nature landscape new zealand

landscape new zealand

landscape new zealand nature

Felix tries to replicate the universe that inspires him via a variety of approaches and likes to encourage movement in his models. He completed his advertising book during his studies, had the opportunity to refine his technical skills and methods, in addition to upgrading his photography gear. Felix is always looking for new endeavors to challenge his skill set.

His versatile work currently encompasses portfolios in Fashion, Landscape and Travel, which can all be viewed at his website.

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