Make Polaroid Prints Out of Your iPhone Photos with Printic

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There used to be a time when pictures always had to be “developed” or “processed” before you could see anything. Film developing stores were everywhere and it was quite brisk business, since everyone who ever owned a camera needed to go to these shops to get your film processed; first into negatives, and next, printed on paper a size you chose. A few of us more “hardcore” photo buffs got into developing the films ourselves, by acquiring darkroom equipment and finding a small, pitch dark room at home. All you illuminate such a room with was a dim red light. Anything else would expose undeveloped film or photo paper, ruining it.

Some terms still exist, while some don’t anymore. SLR, rangefinder, instamatic, ASA, developing tank, stop bath, and fixer, are just a few terms that come to mind from that era. There also was this company, Polaroid, that came up with a camera and special paper it used that had images appear within seconds after the shot. This became quite a hit, and anyone that has ever owned a Polaroid will recognize their trademark square pictures, with the image favoring the top, leaving a wider white frame at the bottom. I believe this was so you could hold the picture from the bottom as it materialized before your eyes.

printic polaroid prints

Fast-forward to today, and hardly anyone really gets those digital pics printed. We simply view them thru our camera devices, tablets or computers, and share them by emailing soft copies to friends. Printic has a new service that brings back the nostalgic days of printed pictures. For just 99 cents per print, you can send pictures from your iPhone, Instagram, or Facebook to anyone you wish in Europe and North America and it will arrive within 3 days. Printic is an iPhone app that allows you to do this. The website explains further:

“Choose your pictures, crop them, select your recipients, and that’s it- your loved ones will receive vintage-themed pictures in their mailboxes shortly afterwards. Snail mail is back”

guy holding iphone and polaroid print

The Polaroid style photos will put a smile on your faces as you see your images in that iconic format we have all come to know from many years ago. Printic is an app that makes it very simple to get those 3”x4” pictures made, and delivered to whomever.

Download Printic from the iTunes app store here.

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

I am a freelance photographer who is no stranger to smudged lenses, long hours in front of the computer, heavy camera bags (and the back aches that ensued) and missing lens caps. If you know what I'm talking about, you probably have as much love and passion for photography as I do.