Man Documents His Daily Activities with Two Plastic Skeletons

skeletons in car

With the use of two full-sized plastic Halloween skeletons, author J.W. Ocker of the eccentric travel blog Odd Things I’ve Seen created a series that amusingly imagines living daily life with them. In one photo, the New Hampshire author is normally seated at the dinner table having Monster breakfast cereals with the two skeletons. In another shot, one of the skeletons is mowing the lawn while everyone else does some garden work.

skeletons in kitchen

Ocker says, “I call the first one T, the second one C, and I’m currently trying to pitch our life together as a reality television show,” he comically writes on his travel blog Odd Things I’ve Seen.

American’s can be known to go a little overboard when it comes to Halloween, but Ocker and his decorative skeletons pretty much redefine the love for the ghoulish  in Odd Things I’ve Seen. Ocker enjoys a variety of activities with the skeletons, including watching movies, chilling by the pool, cooking in the kitchen, driving around in a car and of course, Halloween decorating.

skeletons in garden

All the pictures of Ocker and his two skinny friends were shot by his photographer wife Lindsey Ocker. The first skeleton was acquired from Target, while the second one came from CostCo finally forming his tandem of two lazy bones.

skeletons at breakfast

On his first skeleton Ocker had this to say, “I know I was supposed to use him as a decoration, but he ended up kind of just hanging out with me all the time. We watched movies together, pranked my wife together, and generally just had a blast together,” writes Ocker of his bony friend called T. “I didn’t even put him away after the season ended. Just sat him in the easy chair in my study, and made anybody that visited me sit on the floor.” Since T seemed to be lonely, Ocker added C not long after. These two lazy bones could arguably be the most active pair of skeletons lying around anywhere.

skeletons in pool

See Ocker’s quirky photo series over here.

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