Marine Photographer Captures the Thrills of Sea-Based Endeavors

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The beauty and majesty of the sea cannot be underscored more than in pictures. Photographer Kurt Arrigo does exactly that, capturing the awe-inspiring views one encounters when setting sail into the immense blue ocean. Arrigo was raised on the island of Malta, and ever since that time this marine photographer has always been around vast waters.

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Growing up in that environment gave him the occasion to learn a variety of water sports like windsurfing and scuba diving from a very early age. “It was all very accessible for me to do what I loved to do,” he says. More than a decade now, Arrigo has been going around the globe, shooting various marine events such as underwater dives, yachting competitions, as well as luxury ships.

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He became passionately hooked with the thrills of sea-based endeavors, so much so that racing yachts and sailing became a natural path. As the pleasure of sea life beckoned, so did a profession in photography, as he began documenting his ocean-bound lifestyle, eventually turning into an in demand marine photographer.

kurt arrigo

Arrigo’s work of the endless seas and her attendant activities can only be described as exquisite. He is able to capture the essence of the vast oceans, making you almost feel and touch her divine waters. “One needs to find the right balance between what is going on,” he says. “What I am trying to capture tends to happen in bursts of excitement.” His work has that rare quality of enticing you to be in the sea yourself.

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Arrigo‘s Instagram account offers viewers a preview into the gorgeous aquatic sphere, where captivating creatures and a limitless variety of water-based undertakings can be experienced. Shooting exhilarating yachts in a race, the elegant athleticism of swimmers and adorable marine life provides his growing 26,000 followers a great excuse to go to sea and enjoy the magnificent ocean for themselves.

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While Arrigo has been at it for quite some time now, he also points out that his job is never a static one. “A lot of preparation goes into each event,” he says, “but you are constantly tested by the sea and elements which are continually moving.”

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Arrigo has been a full–time freelance photographer since 1995, and he is constantly marrying his twin skills of water sports and underwater photography. He is at present working on publishing a book entitled: A Coastal Journey portraying Malta’s coastal and historical life above and below sea level.

See his elegant work here.

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