Maternity Photographs Showing Mom with Big Belly and After Birth with Newborn

pregnant mom on beach

Before and after photos has always been one of the most graphic records of what was then, and what is now. These dual images that show change, whether for better or for worse, speak volumes of how much transformation took place within a given timeframe. Take for instance the before and after shots of obese people who conquer their weight problem, or the skinny guy that turns buff in 6 months. And what about those pictures of U.S. presidents that show how they age with the burdens of the highest office in the land. Then of course, there are those shots of before and after images of people that go under the knife for a facial “procedure,” which sometimes can yield pretty creepy results.

While there are many examples of the then and now shots, There is no arguing that one of the most glorious milestones to document is the maternity process. There are some lucky women out there that have the presence of mind to record this most wonderful of conditions any woman could possibly experience.

Keila June is one of those fortunate enough to realize how special her pregnancy was, and that it needed to be documented. But not only was she photographed prior to giving birth. Keila, under the skillful direction of photographer Sandra Bianco was the lucky subject of a very creative before and after maternity series. Sandra shot the “before” photograph of Keila when she was 35 weeks pregnant. This was one part of the series, since an “after” shot still had to be taken.

before and after maternity photos

For that, Keila decided to duplicate the same seashore concept.  Two weeks after her son, Jaydon, was born, a shot was taken but in a different beach. The sexy pose and backdrop was practically the same, except that toddler Jaydon was now lying on top his mother’s tummy.

Keila relates her experience with the photoshoot,

“[Photographer] Sandra Bianco came over every other day after we got home from the hospital and encouraged me to take his newborn photos…We took Jaydon to the beach for a few shots, and we thought why not do this one over with him… since you guys know how much I love before and afters!!!”

Visit Sandra’s website for more of her work.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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