Mesmerizing Aerial Photos of Beta-Carotene Farms

orange beta carotene

Beta carotene has long been touted as a powerful member of the carotenoid family. It works well with other carotenoids and members of the family of anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and other supplements. Beta-Carotene is also well-known as a potent anti-aging supplement, and with adequate doses, protects us from damage caused by free-radicals.  It has also been shown to protect against Heart disease, Respiratory system problems, Diabetes, Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, boost the Immune system, and protect against radiation.

You can get beta carotene from a pill, but good food that have lots of this substance are fresh-squeezed carrot juice, cooked carrots (more than raw), pumpkins, sweet potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, cantaloupe, squash, cabbage and lettuce. Anyone that knows his nutrition is well-aware of the benefits of Beta Carotene. It is also common knowledge that the color red, orange or hues of it anyway, are evidence of its presence in food. Australian Steve Back, an engineer turned photographer has been busy this past few years assembling his images of this famous carotenoid.

beta carotene field

pink beta carotene

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. These are un-edited, aerial images of the largest Beta Carotene farm in the world. It is located in Western Australia’s Hutt Lagoon and is called Kalbarri. The Beta Carotene is cultured naturally using algae which produces it in abundance. What you see as solid colors of red, pink and orange are actually water ponds inhabited by the cultured algae which gives it this color.

vivid beta carotene squares

The photos were taken for a Perth hotel, all of which are shown here without any color manipulation whatsoever. Back explains how the algae farms looked both from the ground and up in the sky.

He tells Feature Shoot,

“From the ground, the pink coloring is not so evident and a bit unimpressive, yet from the air, it looks fantastic. These are natural landscapes but the coloring is out of this world. And at first sight it is not easy to tell whether they are close up or far away.”

beta carotene farm

To view more of Steve Back’s aerial shots, go on over to his website.

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