Mesmerizing Light Painting Images Appear Electric and Surging with Power

dennis calvert

Photographer Dennis Calvert, who has only been light painting since 5 years ago in 2009, is quite skilled at the art from. His relative freshness to light painting is certainly not evident in the work, which is both innovative and extremely creative. While light painting has been around a while, we rarely see pictures where there is a perfect match between the medium and the final product. Calvert’s images seem to be almost electric and surging with power, a most appropriate visual concept that is perfectly complemented by the light painting as an art form.

long exposure light painting dennis calvert

On the creative process side, one is left dumbfounded, wondering just exactly how he produces the dramatic images. In a blog post on his site, Calvert goes through how he uses electroluminescent wire or el wire, for short, to produce the powerful  the lighting effects that now precede him. Though his methods have been developing and improving, Calvert is candid enough to admit that perfection is still far way to go.

light painting dennis calvert

Light painting artists whom Calvert admires is the duo of JanLeonardo Woellert and Joerg Miedza, Aka LAPP-PRO. Calvert is also a regular contributor to the Flickr group Light Junkies where he shares his images which have gotten thousands of views and fans.

dennis calvert light painting

Calvert sees light painting as “The ability to see in 4 dimensions, time traveling, and creating fantasy using only what we base all reality on, light.” Based on these images, watch Calvert push the envelope even further, taking light painting where no one has taken it before.  The buzz is that he has some radical new toys to help with his light painting, so be sure to follow him through his website for more images yet to come.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on his brilliant body of work here.

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