Mesmerizing Microscopic View of Ink, Oil and Soap Intermingling

Ruslan Khasanov is quite renowned for his work in liquid typography. The Russian graphic designer just released a video where he tinkers with how ink, oil, and soap interact with each other. His curiosity was aroused while cooking one night when he became aware of the mixture of oil and soy sauce spreading into small black beads in his meal. Whatever it was he was cooking, it was inspiration enough to lead to this splendid images and video. Khasanov had some lingering thoughts. What would happen if he blended these elements together? Would mixing soap, ink, and oil produce interesting results? Would they interact in an unpredictable way or just blend into an ugly, indistinct blob? These were the questions that sparked Khasanov’s interest, thus compelling him to find out exactly what would happen. And so he decided to try out a series of playful trials to test his ideas.

beads of color pacific light

orbs pacific light

Khasanov then began experimenting with different mixtures of ink, oil and soap to create amazing blends of blue, white, yellow, and magenta. One can view everything in motion in his video, as well as see some stills over on Behance. The experimental video about the interaction between ink, soap, and oil is entitled Pacific Light.

ink oil water mixture

oil ink mixture pacific light

In it, we see how Khasanov played around with the various consistencies of ink and soap to create the dazzling effects you can observe in the short piece. It is a 2 minute kaleidoscope trip that will send you off into a hallucinatory experience, enhanced by the music of Boris Blank.

mixture ink oil water pacific light video

pacific light water ink oil

His unique brew produced a stunning and dramatic blend of colors that are absolutely mesmerizing to look at. What he created was a magical universe of shapes and colors that can have you spellbound for quite some time. The three elements of oil, soap and ink take on a life of their own as their exclusive properties intermingle to produce this dazzling show.

ink oil soap mixture


soap ink oil soap mixture

One can see Pacific Light along with his other works on his website.

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