Mesmerizing Photo Series Captures Nature at Its Best

wildscapes photo series

Photographers Maxime and Florent Courty are two brothers who share a common passion. Both siblings have a soft spot for landscape photography. Based in central France, it is easy to see why they are so taken by the magnificent views and vistas from their area, which is 60km east from the famous ancient volcano called “Puy de Dôme”.

The two brothers practice landscape and nature photography with a similar, trademark approach. The essence of their art is to catch nature at her splendid best, to celebrate the wonders of the natural world in an unending search for everything that is beautiful. But their approach is not one that leaves things to chance or random circumstance. Bothe Maxine and Florent employ some amount of science, as they search for the most appealing atmospheric conditions when selecting a panorama to shoot.

photo series wildscapes

The weather is a key player in everything they do, as it is the main ingredient in landscape photography that can totally shift the mood of a landscape, depending on the conditions.


The brothers recently shared their creative process, and how they achieve such exquisite images of the countryside,

“First, we search for the most interesting atmospheric conditions. We consider weather to be very important in landscape photography, it can totally transform the landscape depending on the mood nature has. So, we learnt some basic meteorological skills, in order to predict when the weather will be interesting, when magic scenes could happen. We carefully study our chosen location to seek out the best vantage point for sunrise/sunset. Of course, it’s hard to predict when a good scene will happen and there are sometimes nasty surprises.”

landscape wildscapes

It is obviously a winning formula, as evidenced by the glorious pictures that comprise their collection called Wildscapes. Thanks to their tenacity and preciseness, the results of their efforts reward the pair generously, and they both feel extremely fulfilled with the gratifying outcomes. “Each one of the great scenes we see could be hardly imagined before we live them, especially the most impressive ones. This is a strong source of motivation that will ever keep us searching for the most epic moment.”

wildscapes wildscapes

Visit Wildscapes here, and see great sibling collaboration in action.

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