Mesmerizing Photos of Water Droplets in Stunning Detail

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Stay-at-home dad and photographer Shawn Knol (Photoelasticity on Reddit) has a special talent. He takes some completely eye-catching, macro images of water drops. Knol’s close-up photos are lively, vivid, and extremely detailed, revealing every minute feature of the water’s luminous surface in addition to a myriad of reflections.

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Knol indulges this hobby when he is not busy watching the children or his pet cat. To shoot these amazing shots, Knol uses two lenses, a flash unit, extension tubes, as well as a makeshift diffuser. He ably shows that the priciest equipment and studio gear are not a requisite for great images.

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His resourcefulness extends to using common household items like tulle, glitter, or even T-shirts for richly colored backdrops. All it takes is a creative disposition and lots of imagination. “My camera is a canon T1i. My lenses are a canon 50mm 1.4, a sigma 10-20mm, and a sigma 105mm 2.8 macro,” shared Knol on his Flickr page.

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The Phoenix Arizona native takes pleasure in toying around with texture and color in his striking photos. He is most interested in water as a main subject. Whether the liquid presents itself as rainbow drops, pellets of water on spider webs, or as iridescent colors reflected off them, Knol will find a way to photograph it. The main element in each work is the beauty of each tiny particle.

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A water droplet is a tiny column of liquid, bounded totally or almost completely by free surfaces. A water drop may form when liquid builds up at the lower end of a tube or other surface, creating a hanging drop known as a pendant drop. Drops can also be produced by the condensation of a vapor or by atomization of a bigger mass of liquid.


An easy manner to produce a water drop is to permit liquid to flow gradually from the lower part of a vertical tube of small diameter. The exterior tension of the water causes the liquid to hang from the tube, producing a pendant. When the droplet gets bigger than a particular size it detaches itself.

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