Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Video of Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based cinematographer Colin Rich of Deer Dog Productions two years ago embarked on painting a picture of his beloved LA. What he accomplished was a mesmerizing and stirring time-lapse video.  Impressive as the work was, it would only signal the beginning of a greater body of work that would unfold in three parts. Hence the start of his personal journey would commence as well as the beginning of his Trilogy of Light series.

Putting together his material unmistakably shot  from the city’s familiar sights in a 2.57-minute short called L.A. Light, he was able to grasp the well-known landmarks of the city as they glowed in all their contagious nighttime appeal. One views these images against cinematic orchestral accompaniment of the song “This is the place where I feel at home.” In L.A. Light, Rich shared a side of Los Angeles that is not known by many.

trilogy of light

A year later, Rich comes up with the second piece of the trilogy called Night Fall.  It is an ambitious time-lapse video that shows the transformation of the city every day. In it one sees how the day transforms into night and light gives way to the evening.

LA trilogy of light

Finally the third piece in the trilogy puzzle was unveiled. Rich completed the series two weeks ago with a piece called City Lights. The final installment is a four-and-a-half minute video, and a proper ending to the series. It is consistent with the impact of the first two, stunning viewers with images of the city as it becomes bustling with life and commotion at night, and then begins a day with dawn and its magical colors, then goes back to its cycle of nighttime again.

trilogy of lights colin rich

The trilogy is no doubt an amazing accomplishment that challenged Rich to his creative limits, testing his patience. In the end the project guided Rich on a personal level to rediscover and love the city which he saw in a different light.

View the engaging videos of Trilogy of Light here.

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Patricia Ramos

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