Mesmerizing Underwater Photography by Mother-Daughter Tandem


Not too many people can brag of an underwater model/photographer tandem such as that which Sacha Kalis and Elena Kalis have.  They also happen to be mother and daughter. Elena, a talented underwater art photographer always encouraged her little nymph, Sacha to take to the water. Because of that, ever since she was little, Sacha also known online as Bahamas Girl, has always been more at ease in the sea than on dry land.

underwater photo

With a mother who is a highly-regarded photographer, young Sacha’s attraction to the water was always encouraged. Elena was almost always there to capture her as she playfully indulged this passion. Now already a young lady, Sacha is still at it, posing so gracefully and effortlessly for her mother, just as she did as a child. Sacha’s unique posing ability while submerged brings us to an otherworldly world where we feel as if we are a part of her her weightless and magical environment.

underwater photo

Elena and Sacha both live on a small island in The Bahamas. According to mommy Elena, they are surrounded “by pristine clear warm water. Underwater is where I spend a lot of time; snorkeling, diving, photographing. It is fascinating how the world changes down below: light, sound, gravity and proportions are different from what we are used to.”

sacha kalis

Elena also talks very proudly of Sacha, just any other mother would. “She is a natural mermaid and could swim before she could walk; a perfect little underwater model. Her brother and friends were happy to participate as well, as it involved a lot of toys and props to play with.”

sacha kalis underwater photo

Sacha’s natural kinship for the ocean is evident as she loves to comingle with the stingrays, dolphins, manatees, sharks and turtles in an environment where everything seems remarkable and surreal. Every beautiful image is a reminder of the spectacular gorgeousness of the ocean, as well as the unfolding beauty of a maturing Sacha.

sacha kalis underwarer photography

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