Miniature People Exploring a World of Food in Photo Series ‘Portion Control’

army of biscuits

Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli reprises his world of little people coping with enormous edibles. The clever series Big Appettites is funny, smart and quirky all at the same time with the idea of gigantic food overwhelming tiny, Lilliputian-like creatures.

people climbing ice

Included in this hilarious series is Rock Candy Icefall, where two rock climbers precariously scale a mountain of ice candy. Caramel Apple Accident, where a group of tiny creatures struggle to free one of their own, stuck in the dangerous leaking caramel.


Caramel Salt Harvesters depicts salted caramel candies with Asian farmers identifiable with their conical paddy hats, working the chocolate paddy fields. Cheesecake Daredevil showcases an Evel Knievel like figure taking off a cheesecake slice angled as a ramp to clear 3 sedans.

black cherries

Cherry Pitters show some laborers mining the fruit. Cookie Bear Ambush has an army of cookie bears in attack formation while the little creature law enforcement assets brace for battle. Finally there is Redrum, a bowl of red soup with the Grady girls from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, perilously standing on the edge of the bowl. (Redrum is murder spelled backwards, in case you missed that).

redrum in soup

Boffoli does not disappoint, maintains the same amount of bizarre delightful entertainment in his humongous food against Lilliputian scenarios. It is perhaps one of the best metaphors one will ever see of how we constantly struggle with enormous food portions and ravenous appetites.

cheesecake daredevil

Boffoli took up photography initially as a hobby as teenager, refining his skills as a student journalist in both high school and college. Before finishing college he established his own commercial photography company in Charleston, South Carolina. He has become a seasoned traveler, setting foot on six continents. His English and literature background has allowed him to chronicle his trips as well as photograph and video the amazing sights. His work has been published online and has seen print in nearly a hundred countries.

caramel apples

See his whimsical Big Appetites and other similar work on his website.

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