Minimalist Landscapes of the Setting and Rising Sun Shot Against Pristine Skies

montauk sunset
41.0558878, -71.9816261
Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, NY
Sunset 8:10pm

Eric Cahan‘s spectacular Sky Series may leave you breathless with its absolute purity. Cahan’s minimalist landscapes of the setting and rising sun shot against pristine skies leave you with a profound feeling for things infinite like the cosmos. Cahan is quite conversant with the subjects of light, space, and memory and how his art tries to mirror these elements, as well as his own personal life.

sfo sunset
37.738141, -122.308502
San Francisco Bay, CA
Sunset 7:33pm

The series Sky was created by using filters with different cameras that were either digital or film. Drawing inspiration from the California light and space movement, Cahan’s goal is to create an experience of color and light that is flawless, transcending every known dimension, akin to predecessors such as Turrell from the 1960s. Using techniques of repetitive printing and filtering, he is able to arrive at these fantastic final images that feel unreal, with an almost mystical quality to them.

woodside california sunset
37.43534, -122.252827
Woodside, CA
Sunset 7:33pm

Cahan made most of the work for his Sky series, while on his many trips. Every shot is given a title and is documented with the particular time and location. This practice allows Cahan to record his own personal visual journal.  “During my travels, I discover what I want to document. My works are titled to remind me of the experience, both visually and spiritually,” he said.

ny sunset
40.938026, -72.300539
Bridgehampton, NY
Sunset 7:48pm

In a recent interview, Cahan expressed what he hopes to impart to his viewers through his work.

“I strive to offer the viewer a point of perception of my experience without containing it to a specific definition. I try to choose a time when, if I place my camera at the perfect angle, I am able to get the desired color temperature that captures the experience I am having. Viewing my photographs and sculptures is a uniquely personal and eternal experience, much like a memory.”

sunset salton sea
33.2535325, -115.7101789
Salton Sea, CA
Sunset 6:46pm

See images from his Sky series here.

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