Minimalist Scenes Taken All Around Europe

christian richter

During trips around Europe, Christian Richter took some astonishing minimalistic landscapes of the continent. This photographer loves shooting long exposure and atmospheric pictures using his full frame camera, powerful zoom as well as wide angle lens.

ocean sunrise

He says “It is quite difficult to find some great places and then capture the right lighting and the right moment.” If you find the time, you will see that all of his photos are worth the effort viewing and absolutely elegant. Richter also like most lensmen these days does some post-processing. “I also slightly edit my pictures with Lightroom or Photoshop,” he admitted.

christian richter shipwreck

Much of his work dwells with images of lonely and desolate seashores, but he also has a few images of mature forests that are just as enchanting. He also likes to give his images a title, which is usually laced with wit, irony or playfulness. For instance he has four trees in a barren landscape that he calls “four Friends.”

scene minimalist

In another image he has that looks like it was taken straight out of a Tolkien tale, he aptly calls it “Where is the hobbit?” His other titles are: First light, Last prove, Path to you, Love boat, Rocks on sunrise, Wooden dreams, I love my bike, Way of life, Blue mood, Way to the end of world, Wooden legs, Concrete slab, Blue mountains, Cold time, Place to be, and House party. It is a distinctive body of work that has a very deliberate minimalist flavor of usually vast or long elements that often disappear into the horizon. Richter’s color palette repertoire is also a much muted one, which goes very well with his trademark style.

minimal scene europe

black and white christian richter

Richter was born in 1979, and has been shooting professionally since 2011. He is a self-described fine art architecture and landscape photographer. See his fine body of work in his website.

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