Models Pose as Browser Models in Photo Series ‘What If Girls Were Internet Browsers?’

What If Girls Were Internet Browsers - Fashion Editorial

Photographer Viktorija Pashuta humanized some everyday symbols that we take for granted on the internet. The California based Pashuta transformed web browser icons into how they would look, if they were stylish ladies. The Latvian fashion photographer could not help herself but go ahead and create what she thought these world recognizable symbols would look like personified. What you get is Pashuta’s creative interpretation of various logos, which are actually rather engaging.

What If Girls Were Internet Browsers internet explorer

She worked out ensembles based on these personifications and chose models Brittany Ryan, Clancy McClain, Kaylen Dao, Tracy Acholonu, and Polina Frantsena to pull off the concept project.

In her own words the fashion photographer describes both her vision and inspiration for what she calls What if Girls Were Internet Browsers, which was produced for a photo shoot for Fashion Affair Magazine.

“Working as a fashion photographer most of your creative projects evolve around fashion editorials that usually have one theme and focus mainly on the clothes. This time I wanted to combine fashion and Internet technologies to create something that will speak not only to the fashion crowd. We see Internet browsers icons every day and looking at my desktop screen I came up with the inspirations to glamorize boring icons and bring them to life in a form of beautiful fashionable girls. The idea was not only to show the color resemblance but to look behind the functionality of those browsers.”

What If Girls Were Internet Browsers firefox opera

Pashuta had a clear idea of each look, so that initial preparation made it easier for her to prepare all the necessary props and accessories. Stylist Chalia Young also lent a helping hand towards bringing this creative concept to life. Ultimately, Pashuta commends the team’s effort to make each browser look as faithful to the icon style as possible.

What If Girls Were Internet Browsers chrome safari

See Pashuta’s 5 browser models here. Would you know who they were supposed to be if you bumped into one of them?

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