Moody Black and White Photos of Iceland

waterfall iceland

Reykjavik-based photographer Frodi Brinks captures the visually majestic Iceland, featuring its vast landscapes masterfully. His series presents a spectacular view of the incredible country, all the more heightened in monochrome photography. The pictures which are absolutely stunning in black and white all exude an elegance that could not have been possible had they been shot in full color.

lake iceland

The shots can also be rather moody, ranging from dazzling and uplifting views to brooding, enigmatic imagery. Whichever case it may be, there’s an absorbing quality to all the images in the series. The collection also shows a diversity of landscapes which bring the viewer to focus more on the surrounding environs and stark architecture.

iceland landscape

Brinks definitely is able to capture the “mystery, intensity and drama” of outdoor Iceland. Brinks say the unpredictable weather of the Nordic island contributes to the country’s mystery, which all the more makes it a great and intriguing subject.  From a solitary church in the distance to spectacular waterfalls and remote coasts, Brinks photographs are able to faithfully depict the temperamental nature of Iceland.

iceland seascape

“In Iceland, it can be snowing, raining and sunny all at the same time. It’s crazy!” said brinks of the quirky climate. “All of these conditions are what make this journey photographically exciting. You never know how the weather is going to turn out.”

The misty weather, however contributes perhaps the most to Brinks’ shooting style. “In the mist everything is so calm and mysterious. It’s like nature is talking to me,” he says.

waterfalls iceland

Brinks is a relative newcomer to photography, having only taken it up in 2010. He has a special affinity with black and white because for him, “the photos become timeless.” When he is chasing an aurora borealis, however, he shifts to full color. While Brinks is a native of Iceland, he is still discovering the country himself, finding new and exciting locations as he goes along. “Here in Iceland there are so many places to visit,” he said. “I try to travel as much as I can.”


See his Iceland collection over here.

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