Moody Photos of Scotland’s Landscape Shot with an iPhone

julian calverley

Julian Calverley has been producing imagery in one medium or another ever since he was old enough to manipulate a creative tool. Calverley was born in Hertfordshire in 1964, and he very quickly manifested a natural talent and passion for painting and drawing, with a specific bias towards watercolour landscape work. Many years of growth as an artist culminating with college led Julian to recognize it was a fusion of photography and old school darkroom technique where he could best express himself.

julian calverley landscape

Of course new forms of the medium come and go, and one to capture the world by a storm is the Smartphone camera. Ever since the cameras started getting better, these devices have been capable of taking images that could stand up to DSLR quality.  Calverley quickly took a fancy with the Smartphone camera, particularly an iPhone, and shot some rather stunning images of Scotland.


These photographs are compiled in a newly released book, Calverley’s first in fact called #IPHONEONLY. The book documents the splendid landscapes of Scotland, particularly Glen Etive and Glen Orchy through a collection of 60 images all shot using an iPhone and processed on the Snapseed app. There is no denying that DSLR’s will still shoot superior images, but  the portability of the iPhone,  some great  image processing apps as well as the ability to spontaneously upload and share the work through social media  makes it a quite a medium to contend with.

landscape julian calverley

Calverley is comfortable both in the studio and on location and has amassed quite a diverse portfolio.  His work ranges from subjects that include landscape, lifestyle, people, automotive as well as underwater projects.  His work is cinematic in style, and has earned him a solid reputation with clients around the world. These days, Calverley divides his time between assigned and personal work.

julian calverley landscape photo series

See some images taken from his book, #IPHONEONLY, here.

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