Mosaic of Films Creates Detailed Patchwork Image

seung hoon park

Trust someone to always push the boundaries of something you think you already know. That’s what Korean photographer Seung Hoon Park does, producing these photographic images woven together from film strips. This was a result of the inspiration he drew from urban life he witnessed when traversing the streets of Seoul, Korea, as well as other urban centers.

seung hoon park film strip

seung hoon park film strip mosaic

Although it still is baffling to imagine, Park used large patchworks of cut movie films to weave together forming what he calls “the sprawling appearance and complexity of these cities.” Though this work is hard to label, being a hybrid of photography, tapestry and weaving, the jigsaw puzzle-like images of recognizable buildings and landmarks by Park are mesmerizing to say the very least, keeping you just as spellbound with the craft involved as the images.

seung hoon park film

Each ‘picture’ starts off with either 8mm or 16mm film strips that Park lays out in rows to make a bigger surface that will eventually function visually as a single piece. Finally, Park makes an exposure of two images using a large format 8×10″ camera making use of sets of horizontal and vertical strips that are weaved together to make a final print. Go figure.

film seung hoon park

Park attempts to explain the procedure,

“Writing a text, like weaving a fabric are an endless experience as both the text and the fabric can stretch infinitely. I’ve gotten the same feeling when walking in Seoul streets… I use positive 16mm movie film that I cut and load in a large format camera. When processed the result is a mosaic of films, like a detailed patchwork that composes an inextricable labyrinth where the eye can get lost.”

film strip seung hoon park

The 36-year old Park resides and works in Seoul, South Korea, having graduated from the photography department Shin-Gu College in 2005 and the photography department of the College of Chung-Ang University in Seoul in 2009.

woven film strips

Park has a critical eye on cities. For him they are symbolic of the affluence in the urban areas or could represent asphyxia. He attempts to depict the complexity of today’s metropolises through slides such as these composed of a tangle where the eye is purposely ‘lost’, and via his series “Picture Writing”.

photo series woven

See his weaved city images here.

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