Mother and Photographer Captures Intimate Moments Shared Between Father and Son

father and baby

From birth to infancy and the early years of childhood, kids develop at an astonishing pace. These are stages in their growth that are not to be missed, and any doting parent who takes the time to be around during these years never lives to regret it. They are years that come and go in the blink of an eye, and it is a vital period that not only requires parental supervision. It is a special and glorious time that every mom and dad should celebrate.  It is an experience meant for every parent to cherish, and is unlike any other.

father and son

Photographer and mother Kristen Schmid captures such a bond as it was forged between her husband and child. She shot a beautiful series entitled Father to Son, and the collection of images depicts the growing and transforming relationship between her husband Ted and their eldest son Sam. From images of father holding his tender infant a few weeks old, the two clearing the yard of fallen leaves, to a loving hug shared at the dinner table, Father to Son is a poignant record of the early and extraordinary years between father and son. The moving collection reaches a familiar sentiment shared  time and again in so many homes.

toddler and father

Schmid shared her insights on the moving theme, saying,

“My documentary photo project “Father to Son” explores the intense, complex and evolving relationship between my husband and our oldest son. I am interested in what it feels like to be the parent, and in what it feels like to be the child. I am trying to distill what I know is important about how they interact with each other, and how that changes over time.

father and son playing

Just as my husband learns about being a father through the act of parenting, I learn about this relationship through the act of taking pictures. Frequently I am surprised by what I notice with a camera that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The pictures are a testament to what I think is true, and also a method of discovery. Experience and time deepen my understanding. But people and their relationships are ever-changing, creating more layers to explore.”

father and son swimming

See Schmid’s touching Father to Son series over on her website.

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