Mount Your Mobile Device Onto Your DSLR and Control Your Camera with the Camlet Mount


A product created to help you get more out of your DSLR is just days from release. It’s called the Camlet Mount. This adaptor (if you want to call it that) is designed to take your photography or videography to greater creative heights. One can use the Camlet Mount so your tablet and phone can join forces with your DSLR as you control your camera using those smart devices. It is meant to hold any tablet or phone and mounts on the camera hot shoe, a great convenience. Your tablet or smartphone hence provides you excellent monitoring screen live-view.

camlet back

The Camlet Mount will also allow you to change various camera functions through your tablet. To enumerate, you can change aperture, ISO, and shutter settings. HDR, frame rate selection, time-lapse, and many other options are also accessible on your mounted tablet. Despite these controls, the camera’s internal video screen will still function as you use the Camlet Mount.

camlet front

This great interface between your smart device and DSLR allows you to have an easier time creating great work when you use your tablet and camera as a cohesive team. As photographers would get so exasperated since previous DSLR interfaces could not keep up with the creative curve, David Slater was prompted to do something about it. The result of that is the Camlet Mount.

The device has caught Canon’s attention, along with some other big brand names, so Slater immediately patented the design and made further refinements. The Camlet Mount will be launched on Kickstarter and with successful crowdfunded photography projects such as Prynt and Moment Case, Slater is upbeat that his hardware product will be well received by camera enthusiasts of all levels.  The Camlet Mount is, no doubt, great added value to what most photographers already have– a smart device and a DSLR.

Once again, below is a summary of the Camlet Mount’s advantages:

  • It securely holds any tablet or phone
  • It has multi-angle adjustment
  • It is lightweight, single-handed operation
  • It provides quick attachment & release
  • The mount fits all cameras with standard hot shoe
  • You can use editing & sharing apps instantly
  • It enables large screen live-view as well as video monitoring
  • It easily folds down on camera for mobile use

The Camlet Mount is a hardware product that launches this week on Wednesday, April 14.

Introducing The Camlet Mount… from Camlet Mount on Vimeo.

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