Multi-Talented Artist’s Fantasy Photography Based on Fears and Dreams

gown with wings

The 27 year old Italian visual artist Chiara Fersini who is also known as, Himitsuhana, only recently became fascinated with photography following a trip to Japan in 2007. Being an avid user of Photoshop, Chiara is into massive alterations of her photographs, transforming them into surreal images. Often, the photographs resemble works on canvas that are reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Chiara is able to convey a sense of release and escape with her portfolio of ethereal photographs portraying carefree images of nymph-like subjects in garbed in intricate gowns.

model with flying veils

The ladies in Chiara’s scenes are all immersed in a constant graceful breeze. Other images show them with their attire metamorphosing into something else. She also fuses garments with segments of feathered wings or a flock of birds, as if to allude to a sense of flight and freedom.

navy blue gowns fashion photography

There is an other-worldly quality about Chiara’s growing body of work that delves with different incarnations of women. She blends themes of nature, people and fashion in a way that has become her trademark. Whether her portraits are of women within certain confines, or out in a vast expanse, they are all imaginary scenarios that mix various elements of Chiara’s subconscious, which according to her include her fears, dreams, sorrows and joys.

surreal gown modelled on beach

Chiara elaborates on the role of her craft, saying, “…photography is not just a passion for me, it is the best way to show that intricate world that I feel inside. I put into my works my fears, my dreams, my sorrow and my joy and seeing them materialized in images is a sort of release to me. Photography is definitely my cure.”

photomanipulation woman with wings

Since Chiara was a child she was constantly surrounded by art. Her mother who was a painter and decorator inculcated in her an eye for beauty and supported her inclination for visual arts.

mermaid in the water

See some of her work here, which always incorporates a fragile, soft and dreamy aura. Chiara Fersini Aka Himitsuhana takes us into her art, which is also a very personal world that straddles the boundary of dreams and bizarrely beautiful compositions.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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