Nature’s Powerful Energy Captured in Stunning Black and White Images


While most people get away as fast as they can from perilous storms, a few insane people run towards them. Landscape photographer Mitch Dobrowner is one such individual. He has had a passion for photography since he was a teenager growing up on Long Island, New York.

storm photo

These days he calls the American Southwest home, as it is the site of many fantastic, if not lethal weather activities. Doborwner’s work has been acclaimed around the world. He garnered first place at the International Photography Awards in 2009 and 2010. He recently spoke about his thoughts on photographing bad weather.

photo series storm

“In inclement weather, light and shadows are always changing. Then there are the unexpected things that Mother Nature throws at you, especially when a storm is approaching. It’s a pretty surreal sight. I just try and capture what I see and feel at those moments in my pictures.”

photo of storm

Nearly all of his spectacular images were taken in the western U.S. In those areas the vast expanses of the Great Plains and high deserts are almost perfect conditions for immense tornadoes, thunderheads and other storms to form.

cloud photography

Dobrowner’s remarkable body of work has been featured in ABC News, TIME Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, Newsweek, CNN, NPR, Audubon Society, LensWork, LA Times and many other publications.  In a recent interview he spoke about storms as if they had their own personalities.

cloud photo mitch dobrowner

“A storm is like a person. It’s born when the conditions are right, at birth it is fragile — it can die — but once it decides it’s going to live it turns unpredictable and can become violent. Eventually it matures and takes form, then ages and dies. No two storms are born in the same exactly way — and no two storms will ever look (or act) the same.”

mitch dobrowner cloud photo

See his incredible work over at his website.

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