New Year’s Eve Celebration Captured in Breathtaking Timelapse

A New Years Eve celebration perhaps culturally is more widely observed during the holiday season, the occasion being more of a calendar event and nothing else. For others, New Years Eve brings a fitting punctuation to ending the holiday season, capping off weeks of parties and get-togethers. It is after all, the beginning of all beginnings, another new year.  Very few places in the world perhaps, can lay claim to being a New Years Eve attraction as Times Square in New York.

Famous as the city is, this is maybe the one occasion that is capable of upstaging it geographically.  Every year, the festivities and revelry are marked and highlighted by the traditional countdown to the New Year.  If you failed to see the celebrations for 2014 in the Big Apple, then sit back and enjoy this exceptional time-lapse video from the Timelapse Group. Noel Cordero, Brandon Cotter & Hector Arrivillaga are to be credited with the excellent documentation.

new york

Shot over a period of 12 hours and using in excess of 18,000 stills, it is an extremely engaging piece to watch. With perspectives from various landmark sites shot from New York hotels, it shares an aerial perspective of the city as it anticipates the evening of celebrations.

new york times square

It is a wonderful video that captures not just the merrymaking, but what transpires before that, and how the multitudes gathered there also disperse after everything is done. You get to see Manhattan in a manner that we are usually not privy to, as the timelapse video builds-up the eventful commemoration of New Year, then see it dissipate in both participants and revelry, just like anywhere else.

times square nye

There are typically no cameras during the before and after. Noel Cordero, Brandon Cotter & Hector Arrivillaga made sure to show much more than we traditionally see on television coverages, where we predictably see the 12 foot sparkling Waterford crystal ball descending at the stroke of midnight. Here we get to witness so much more.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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