New York City from a Unique Perspective (Inception Anyone?)

brad sloan

There is something quite intimidating and awesome when you see large buildings and massive cityscapes turned upside down or on their side. One gets a sense of irrelevance in the midst of images that depict enormity in a manner that we are not used to. This is what Brad Sloan does with his unique take on New York City.  The Oregon-based photographer developed a special affinity for the Big Apple during a three day trip to the bustling metropolis.

brad sloan nyc skyline

While there he shot some impressive shots of the endless jungle of buildings and mega-structures that make-up its endless landscape of urban excitement. However, it is what he does with the images afterwards that make his work a truly unique statement. Undeterred by the nature of his subject matter, he flips the images on their sides or even upside down, creating a mirrored reflection of the various pictures. The result has been described and likened by many to the mind-boggling visuals that emerged from the movie Inception.

nyc brad sloan photos

Sloan, who unassumingly refers to photography as his hobby, in the process, turns excessively shot streets and landmarks into hard to believe images of metropolitan life and architecture.  His pictures seem akin to dreamlike visuals only possible in the realm of the mind.

new york city brad sloan

Rendered in dramatic black and white, Sloan manages to put a new spin on the already familiar New York imagery of soaring architecture. However, his post shot renderings are really what makes this series jump out at you. In a recent interview he described his work and inspiration when shooting.

brad sloan new york city

“Most of my thought during shoots is about lines and angles. I overshoot everything. I usually pick a few out of every hundred images shot,” he shared on his thought process prior to a shoot. As for his work in general he called it “Stylized. My interpretation of what I see. The shooting I do in a hurry, sometimes with small children with me. This means I don’t really have time to setup and compose things at leisure. It is fast and dirty. The post production is where I get to slow it down and take my time.”

brad sloan nyc

See how Sloan turns NYC upside down here.

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