The Nikon D7000 and Canon 60D are the Most Stolen Cameras of 2013

lenstag infographic

Want additional bragging rights when it comes to owning a camera? Well here’s a good one. There now exists a list for the most-stolen digital cameras, put out by Lenstag. The anti-theft service just revealed the information based on the company’s findings in the form of easy to comprehend infographics. Nikon and Canon get top accolades for being the most stolen cameras, very much confirming their sought after status as the brands to own.

The folks at Lenstag not only list what cameras are most stolen, which include specifics on make and model, but also input data as to where and how the gadgets are stolen. Lenstag is a free website that provides camera owners the option to register the serial numbers of their gear, acting as a deterrent or to facilitate tracking in case of theft.  Trevor Sehrer, the site’s creator envisioned empowering consumers with knowing when and how camera thefts happen. Sehrer recently made available two new apps for mobile registration for iOS and Android users.

lenstag cameras

So what specifically are the theft magnets when it comes to cameras? Drum roll please! At the top of the list for most-stolen digital camera currently in the market is the Nikon D7000, with the Canon 60D in the coveted second place. Canon also snags third place through the Canon 7D. However, Canon makes a clean sweep as the most stolen camera lenses. Lenstag also indicates where most of the digital camera thefts take place. The site claims that 29% of camera stealing occurs during car robberies, followed by home break-ins, which comprise 25% of burglaries. Lenstag also has data warning people to be wary of theft especially during occasions like a wedding, while on vacation, or when flying.

lenstag infographic

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