One Hand Snap Design Allows You to Shoot with Only Your Left Hand

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We probably don’t realize it, but there are many things that require two hands to be done, that we insist on doing with just one. To name a couple of activities where this holds true would driving and eating. In the case of photographers, many of them likewise insist on taking shots with just one hand, even though it may seem awkward, if not insufficient for support.

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Virtually all camera manufacturers have basically made cameras meant for two handed operation, and not to mention, for right handed orientation. Should you be a lefty or worse have only one hand, it would be awkward to cradle a camera the way you should.

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Well, thankfully, some folks finally took notice of this, and went back to their drawing boards. One such person was designer, Xing Dawei (Dave Xing), who not only took notice of these issues, but designed something to address it. He created what is called the One Hand Snap.

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The One Hand Snap is a remote that allows the user to control their DSLR, simply by holding just the lens, instead of having to push the typical shutter button and dials. The One Hand Snap or OHS is an ingeniously designed silicone band that stretches around the lens barrel. It has a shutter button together with a four-way button to access other controls. All these controls are placed on a base akin to a small watch. You can control basic parameters like aperture and shutter speed with the four-way button.

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Normally, using an SLR Camera properly will necessitate both hands. One hand is for adjusting the speed, aperture and triggering the shutter, while the other is for zooming in and out, in addition to focusing. Well the OHS allows you to do all these with one hand. OHS achieves this by being a movable shutter release cord and also a component that can be fixed on the lens when required.

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A shutter release cord made of silicone can fit different lens diameters and also can be turned to different sides to suit left or right handed users. This translates to having the option of placing the shutter button anywhere you can, allowing for more practical one handed operation. Now you can do other vital things with your free hand, like eat, drive, text or even smoke. Kidding aside, the One Hand Snap or OHS is a 2013 red dot award for design concept.

Check it out over here.

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