Otherworldly Portrait Series Inspired by Fairy Tales and Fantasy-Themed Stories

snake on man's face

Kindra Nikole is a relative newbie to photography, beginning her craft in late 2011. She recently embarked on a 365 photo project, in March 2012, allowing her to hone her skill even more. Nikole’s talents are certainly not limited to photography, as she dabbles in other creative pursuits such as wardrobe, cosmetology, and photo editing.

woman in middle of field

She displays a natural talent for composing and creating the surreal, as well as the macabre. Her dream-like images are inspired by fairy tales and fantasy themed stories. Her resulting images of ethereal scenes have a brooding quality but are intensely vivid and detailed.

fire  in middle of field

Nikole does not hold back with color intensities to emphasize her gloomy and mystifying imagery. She generously uses starkly vivid hues to emphasize shadows and dark portions within her photos. Nikole offers a self-described introduction in her Facebook page, revealing a bubbling personality, very much unlike her ominously felt pictures.

man lit by light

“Hello! My name is Kindra, and my personal purpose on this planet is to create art, in whatever form that may be. Art drives me to become the best I can possibly be as an individual, and it fulfills me in a way that no other thing can. I am happiest when I am creating.

man on cliff

My current favorite media is photography, which also tends to include cosmetology, wardrobe, and photo editing. Should you be interested in working with me in any of these capacities, feel free to shoot me a message–my rates are extremely reasonable, and I do TF work on a limited basis.

woman holding moon while sleeping

I am often described as goofy, silly, creative, and empathic. I am a very open individual and enjoy talking to people of all types–I feel like I always can learn from those around me and expand as a person. I also love to share my creations in hopes that I can be of inspiration to others as well.”

woman lying down on field of flowers

Nikole’s growing portfolio of surreal photos communicates a very fertile mind.  The imaginative portraits reveal a figure all alone, seemingly oblivious of the surrounding environment, and yet deeply connected with an inner voice. Shot predominantly outdoors, the images are depicted more powerfully as each figure is cast with a sense of vulnerability.

See her other-worldly style with the camera here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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