Our Top 10 Pro Photographer Interviews of 2013

Top 10 Interviews of 2013

It is hard to believe that another year has passed and we find ourselves at the start of a new one. It is even more amazing when we look back at all that has happened with Exposure Guide in just twelve short months. This year we had the opportunity to meet and explore creativity first-hand with a diverse range of professional photographers around the world—from South Africa based wildlife photographer Mario Moreno to French Photographer and Movie Director, Laurent Nivalle. Here are some of our favorite interviews from 2013.

Interview with French Photographer and Movie Director, Laurent Nivalle

Laurent Nivalle interview with ExposureGuide.com

How has your work as an art director and movie director influenced your photography?

I must disconnect my work as art director from my work as photographer or movie director. As art director, you have to choose the best direction for the project, and this direction is not always your style. It’s really interesting and enriching to experiment with new concepts, but I think my work is heavily influenced by this distinction. Read the full interview here

Interview with Czech Republic Based Photographer Simona Smrckova

Simona Smrckova Interview

How do you come up with your concepts? What’s your thought process?

During the day, I write down every little detail, small things I have seen. For example, interesting details on styling, a particular mood evoked in a picture or a film scene, and build upon my own story. Sometimes the best sources of inspiration are models. Read the full interview here

Interview with World-renowned professional nature photographer Ian Plant

Ian Plant Interview

You project a strong connection with the natural world in your photos. Have you always loved the outdoors and at what point did you decide to start photographing it?

I’ve been active in the outdoors since I was a kid, taking up hiking and backpacking at an early age, and eventually getting into rock climbing, kayaking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor adventure along the way. I bought my first camera almost twenty years ago, just so I could come back from my wilderness trips with something more than memories. I became hooked on photography right away, and have loved it ever since. Read the full interview here

Street and Nature Photography – An interview with Erik Witsoe

Erik Witsoe Interview

Do you have any formal training in photography?

Not formally, no. Although I am trained as an artist and have spent much of my life developing those skills using a variety of media. From drawing and painting to now, photography. I started out drawing comic books when I was younger and learned through trial and error about dynamic composition, depth of field, perspective, and then in art school how to apply it all. Those skills that I learned as an artist have absolutely enhanced what I am learning and how I approach photography. Read the full interview here

Interview with Self-Portrait Photographer Alicia Savage

Alicia Savage Interview - ExposureGuide.com

What were some of the key elements to the development of your photography style?

I feel the key elements that have developed my style thus far is my consistency of photographing for myself, exploring my interests and curiosities, and being driven to always expand my capabilities with my camera.

I feel making the constant effort to photograph for myself to be the most essential element. Whether traveling or in Boston, I am constantly creating projects and photo shoots for myself. Sometimes the ideas work out as planned, other times they fail or evolve into something completely different – all resulting in valuable experiences that continues to shape my work and ideas. Read the full interview here

Interview with Maine Based Landscape Photographer Christopher O’Donnell

Interview with Christopher O'Donnell

What made you decide to get into landscape photography?

I’ve always had a strong connection to nature, and I just subconsciously gravitated towards it. I was still living in Vermont when I became serious about photography, so being in that environment certainly influenced my choice. The untamed, raw beauty of landscapes and its unpredictability is what attracts me most to this field. Read the full interview here

Interview with Wildlife Photographer Mario Moreno

Wildlife Photography by Mario Moreno

Have you ever had to put yourself in harm’s way to get the perfect shot?

A few times. I specially recall the one image of a rhino at sunrise. I had to get out of my vehicle and lie down on the ground dangerously close to get the composition I wanted. Read the full article here

Interview with Worldwide Photographer Rosie Hardy

Rosie Hardy Interview

Where do you get your ideas from?

I get inspiration from all sorts of things! My ideas are built up from a catalogue of images I have in my head that I’ve seen from all sorts of places, magazines, blogs and all over. The ideas come from that and are coupled with what’s going on for the shoot. If it’s a client then I’ll be inspired by their work or their personalities and try to match and demonstrate this in their photos. Read the full interview here

Interview with Astronomer and Astrophotographer Phil Hart

Phil Hart Astrophotographer - Interview

Do you have a background in astronomy? What made you decide to go into night sky photography and astrophotography? 

Astronomy and Photography have been together for me from the beginning. Growing up, my parents would take us two kids outside on holidays and try and identify stars and constellations in the sky. Then as a teenager I got access to a couple of film SLRs at the same time as I was making the astronomy hobby my own. I used those film SLRs primarily at night from the start and the two interests have been one and the same for me ever since, just over twenty years ago. Read the full interview here

Interview with Creative Time Lapse Photographer Rob Whitworth

Rob Whitworth Time-Lapse Photography - Exposureguide.com Interview

Your website bio mentions that you have extensive experience working in and around Asia. Which city is your favorite so far and why?

Hoi An. It’s sort of a city. It was the first place I arrived at in Asia, it’s a lovely little town in central Vietnam with the rapidly growing Danang just down the road. Arriving in Hoi An I was green to Asia. It was sort of like arriving Narnia, everything seemed to be different. Really enjoyed my time there getting to know the place. I hope to return there one day. Read the full interview here

Here are a few more of our favorite interviews:

Interview with Fashion Photographer and Retoucher, Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Interview with Amsterdam Based Photographer Jinna van Ringen

Interview with Fashion and Beauty Photographer Michael David Adams

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