Over $20 Million in Rare, Exotic Cars Photographed Inside Minimalist Home

car details

Any real guy with a camera will not pass up the chance to photograph these two subjects, and not necessarily in this order: a beautiful woman or a beautiful sports car. Richard Thompson recently had the chance to photograph the latter. What made his experience particularly special was that he shot not just one car, nor a handful, but several exotic rides. The location for the pictorial was also no less spectacular. Los Angeles-based designer Holger Schubert’s home was the venue for the photo shoot. Holger’s superb Brentwood home, which has received compliments in quite a number of publications as well as on the internet, is seen as “the ultimate garage.”

bugatti veryron

The parking space is in the second story living area, incorporating the cars as décor with the minimalist interior.  On top of that, Thompson was using the Phase One IQ180, an 80-Megapixel medium format super camera. The combination of these elements would make Thompson refer to this as “the most unique (or craziest) photoshoot” he would ever undertake.

car photographed inside house

Here are some excerpts from Thompson’s post of his exceptional experience:

“The shoot offered the opportunity to work with some remarkable cars, but the most remarkable part was the number of cars. Typically I work with one or two cars at a time, or five or six (at most) for a group shoot. This project called for me to shoot more than two dozen cars in the same space. By the time the project was over, more than 50 (!!!) cars had been photographed in the space by three different photographers, and on a variety of different camera systems. Thus the project became a study in efficiency and consistency.”

car inside dream garage

He also shared what he says was a “fairly straightforward process” for post-production. “I opted for a cool grading scheme and retouched extraneous details (thermostat, lights, and speakers in ceiling) to enhance the minimalism of Holger’s house and promote the idea of the car + space as a surreal still life,” he says.

original Jaguar E-Type

The results are an absolutely classy, elegant set of shots that are as stunning as the Holger Residence and their pedigreed 4-wheel occupants. Even more idyllic is that this dream photographer’s assignment will benefit a local children’s charity chosen by Holger. The material shot will eventually be published in a book.

car inside house

Check out Thompson’s Facebook page to see some of the photos from the breathtaking collection.

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