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leo ciallard

Frenchman Leo Caillard is another landscape photographer who captures the panoramic vistas of beautiful locations. He characterizes his work as having certain elements, saying, “A landscape series I chose to shoot in very high definition. A work about the action of humans in diverse types of environments; void of activity or full of information. Deserts and metropolises, the North to the South, a contemplative view of the world, with no specific location globally… A panoramic story of earth and man.”

leo caillard

Caillard is prolific with his photography and has shot work for Wired, Archive, Emerce, Wad, Amusement Mag, SVM Mac, Fahrenheit, and Beaux Arts. His roster of commercial clients includes Oramge, LabTf1, Stihl, Pmu, Eurostar, Virgin as well as Playstation.

leo caillard landscape

Born in 1985 and hailing from Paris, France, Caillard is endowed with a trait that is uncommon to most of the best fine art photographers. He has nurtured through the years a fascination for Einstein’s relativity research, as well as the more recent ideas of theoretical physicist, Brian Greene. These twin influences are infused in his style and perspective. Emulating the mind of a scientist, Caillard investigates environments and poses the question, “what if reality was not as we see it…?”

landscape leo caillard

Caillard graduated in 2008 from France’s prestigious Gobelins School of Visual Communication. He then went to the United States and lived there for a year, specifically in New York where he photographed and soaked in the “reality” of this immense, modern mega city. Imbued with fresh perspectives, he went back home to Paris and began creating a series of works including the notable Art Games, “an observation of the role of art, its’ institutions & the manner of human interaction with creativity.”

leo caillard landscape photography

Since its launch and consequent exhibition, his body of work has stirred noteworthy and wide-ranging interest from both the media industry as well as the world of the art. Caillard is no doubt a photographer whose insights give us pause to investigate the relativity of our everyday, routine experiences.

landscape photography leo caillard

leo caillard landscape photo

landscape photo leo caillard

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