Paragliding Photographer Captures Beautiful Landscapes from 20,000 Feet in the Air

paragliding over sand dunes

Jody MacDonald snaps spectacular landscape photographs from all over the globe, but from a most unique perspective. This lady photographer captures her magnificent vistas 20,000 feet up in the air on paraglider flights. Her dual passions evolved into complimentary pursuits over the past ten years. Macdonald has always been one to do her endeavors away from the beaten path, and marrying her paragliding and photography interests is an example of how she can shake things up. She believes that “the vantage point of shooting from an angle many people don’t get to see is very interesting as a photographer”. She is however not oblivious to the inherent dangers of her chosen methods. While she finds it ideal to be high up in the sky at maximum altitude, she also is aware of striking a balance between caution and adventure.

paragliding over mountain range

“Strong thermals, wind, rapidly changing weather, storms- the air can be super turbulent at times which makes it hard to stay still enough to capture any photos.” She likewise adds that she is not one to hesitate aborting a paraglide if the conditions are less than ideal, or if they present any perilous situations. “It’s really important to know when to photograph and when the conditions are too difficult that it’s no longer safe to photograph,” says Macdonald.

paragliding over the ocean

For the past eight years she has been touring the world and giving us some breathtaking panoramas of awesome natural landscapes from places like the Sierra Mountains, the Himalayas, and the sand dunes in Mozambique. Anyone who thinks they have seen what there is to see from aerial shots should give these pictures a look.

paragliding over mountains

They are extremely detailed and unrivaled in clarity. Macdonald’s technique and methods produce elegant and graceful photographs that mirror her enthusiasm. She is a self-described adventure sport and documentary style photographer and has been the resident photographer on Discovery – a 60 foot catamaran on a global kiteboarding, paragliding and surfing expedition for five years now. Her photographs have been showcased in many international publications like Outside, National Geographic, Men’s Journal, BBC, and Islands to name a few.

paragliding over sierra

paragliding over sandy beach

Visit her website to see her paragliding shots and other images from her growing portfolio.

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